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We discovered this ever so charming couple via Instagram last year. I purchased one of their beautiful hand-woven scarfs, and through some conversation back and forth we knew that Kristine and Oskars just needed to be a part of our Shop here at Girl & the Abode. We have collaborated with them to bring you the most beautiful hand woven linen pillows you will ever see. Soft, uniquely them and nicely durable.  

Their Story Began Autumn of 2015 when they inherited a 50-year-old loom. They created VUUVEN to be able to offer handmade textile products in a way that is environmentally sustainable, not creating CO2 emissions, or using any extra outside resources. It's just that simple. Make something by hand, that people near and far can enjoy for years to come, without environmental impacts of any kind. 

So with great pleasure, we introduce, Kristine & Oskars of VUUVEN.  

Artist Profile VUUVEN

  Artist Profile VUUVEN

Why do you do what you do?

To create joy. Firstly, to myself, but secondly to everyone who makes the choice following mine and my brands’ products’ story. It’s all about fun, challenges, and mistakes that make me learn, improve, grow and become better every day.

Background? Where does your creativity come from?

VUUVEN is a handwoven textile goods brand, based in Latvia. And Latvia is a small country in North of Europe, Baltic States. Creativity comes from skills and acknowledgment that with my own two hands I can make exactly what I have pictured in my mind and can see in my sketches. Although, creativity is hard to imagine without inspiration. And I get my inspiration from the nature of Latvia. We live in a wonderful place with four distinctive seasons. Every season brings its own feeling, atmosphere, and colors.

Can you describe the moment or time when you knew that creating objects was what you wanted to do? How did your passion come to be?

Honestly, it happened as a coincidence. I became a weaver accidentally, as I didn’t become a graphic designer. I’m a weaver since I was 18 years old and soon it’s going to be 10 years for me in this profession. Now, looking back at everything that has been done and created during this time, I’m very happy and proud. Passion came along with the creation of VUUVEN – October 2015. Working with my own designs and creating products for clients who see value in my brand, is the reason that makes me want to create more and more.

What’s your favorite artwork?

It’s difficult to name my favorite artwork as I see art as a whole. I’ve seen truly moving exhibitions that I have attended or stumbled upon accidentally. Among worldwide known artists, Chinese contemporary artist Ai Weiwei and performance art pioneer and influencer Marina Abramović.

What kind of routines or rituals do you have?

My daily routine starts with a cup of coffee and my cats. I like to wake up earlier in order to enjoy my coffee whilst still in bed. Usually during this time my cats hop on the bed as well, so we get to start the day together. I have two cats – Mincis and Puteklis (translation from Latvian - Kitty and Dust). The younger one, Puteklis, was about to be named Kendrick Lamar, in honor of the hip-hop artist, but eventually got his name Puteklis, as it’s easier to pronounce and he also looks like a big, fluffy dust. A big part of my daily rituals is seen on VUUVEN’s Instagram account here:

What’s your favorite thing that you created?

I’ve heard that many creatives have this thing about them – as soon as one idea is out of their head, it’s forgotten and all the energy is invested in a new idea. I have something in common with that as every new VUUVEN product is a new creative breeze in my improvement and growth. My favorite moment is the exact moment when an idea starts to materialize into a real product.

What do you try to communicate through your art? 
I don’t think I’m creating art. I create functional design products. In a way, I agree with a quote by Oscar Wilde: “All art is quite useless”. And it should be so. Things I create are not useless, they have strict quality criteria and a purpose easy to understand. But I also enjoy painting with oil paint. When I create my paintings they mostly work as a sort of psychotherapy and meditation for me – allows me to get rid of stress and get to know myself better.

What role, in general, do you think artists play in society? What are your thoughts on being an artist in today's world?

Art plays a significant role in every society. In Latvia, for example, art has been able to preserve almost a sacral ritualistic meaning. We go see theater plays, exhibitions and receive a spiritually important joy. Part of impressions we receive, we’re taking home with us, to discuss with family and friends. But in Germany or France, for example, art is more of a political act -it expresses the good and the bad about a situation in that society.

Any art has always been an alive mirror to the period of time. It stops time and immortalizes the values and ideas. It preserves its esthetics and keeps getting richer with interpretations with every person who looks at the artwork.

Do you have any advice on how to be more creative? OR overcoming creative blocks?

Use your hands. They are beautiful features to our body. Start using them – play shadow theater, write, draw, play a rhythm on the table along with your favorite song. When your hands move, so does your brain. Ideas start in your hands.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Make mistakes quickly – it’s a true luck. In that way, you’re learning from your mistakes and are able to reach your goals quicker and even better every time.


Artist Profile VUUVEN




photos by vuuven. 


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