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We are so excited to share the home of Rebecca Hepburn in this week's Value of Home interview. Rebecca owns a lovely interior design studio in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Rebecca believes in designing spaces that can be honestly lived in, with things that can stand the test of time. She believes that a home should accurately reflect the people that reside in them, that home should be authentic. As you will see, her home seems to reflect the values she has described as being important to her and her family. We hope you enjoy this tour and interview. It's a very inspiring and thoughtful one. A way to see what can happen in a space when choices in design and purchasing are guided by strong values. 

Rebecca Hepburn of Rebecca Hepburn Design


Please introduce yourself: What do you do for a living? And where do you live? 

Hello! My name is Rebecca Hepburn, I am an interior designer. I live with my husband and our two small children in Vancouver Canada. 

 Living Room


Describe the aesthetic / style within your home? 

Our home was built in 1906 and so it is filled with age and beauty, cherished details and celebrated imbalances. We moved into the house four years ago and have put a tremendous amount of work into it. The aesthetic is light and airy with plenty of juxtapositions that mix traditional and modern. 


Can you share three values that guide your life? Why these three? 



Hard Work

Can I add a fourth?


My family always comes first. I cherish this window of time while my kids are little and my husband and I are making our dreams come true. 

Creativity because I would feel bored and directionless without it. 

Hard work because it’s rewarding and a great teacher in life. 

Gratitude because it keeps me level headed and fosters a balanced outlook. 


reading corner


How do you make sure to keep your life in alignment with these values? 

Good question. I think strong values are perhaps something ingrained in a person and taught early on, and so I don’t really think they will waver much so long as I stay true to myself. 


What ritual during the day holds the most value for you and helps you achieve what you wish to? 

Exercise, uninterrupted time with my kids, chats with my husband and snippets of solo time. 

Entry way with eames hooks

How do you feel that your values affect the energy of your home? 

They are like the root system. They need to be strong and nourished often for everything to strive. 

Rebecca Hepburn Living Room


Why is home important to you? 

It’s where I am most comfortable. Ever since I was a kid, my home spaces have been intrinsic to my well being and happiness. I am an introvert through and through and so home is like my happy place, my ongoing project, my comfort and my solace. 


Nursery Room


We feel books are an important aspect of a home. They add life and encourage learning and growing in a nurturing space such as the home. Do you have a favorite book ( any genre) that inspires you? Why? 

So much yes! It’s too hard for me to name just one book. I read mostly fiction and always have a design book nearby that I am referencing. My collection of Elle Decor UK magazines are something that I love. 


Semi Handmade Cabinet Doors


What objects in your home hold the most value to you? How do they add joy to your life? 

Not many, but all of them at the same time. I try to approach our home with the notion that nothing is too precious. Firstly because they are just material possessions and secondly because I think that no matter the price tag of something, you should live with it, use it and enjoy it. 

If I had to pick out a few of my most cherished items it would be our dining room table, the record collection that we are slowly inheriting from my dad and our artwork collection. A few years ago we started purchasing a piece of art every year for our anniversary. I love building on this. 

Dining Room


How do your values guide your purchasing? What criteria do you have for items that come into your home? 

I try to avoid being impulsive with purchases and new pieces and I really dislike junk. I strive for real materials 90% of the time. I would sooner live with less and wait, then purchase temporary pieces. 

Wood Settee with Table

What aspect of homemaking do you feel the most connected to? ( i.e. cleaning, cooking, gardening, decorating, home repairs) Explain why. 

I love it all, other than emptying the dishwasher. Home repairs are something that I wish I was better at but it’s just not my strength. I adore watching my family eat the food that I cook. 

Scandinavian Bar Stools

Explain in one word, how your home makes you feel. 



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Photo Credits | Janis Nicolay 

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My friend who lives in British Columbia says that the place has some of the most beautiful homes in the world. Not to forget the abundant natural beauty it is blessed with. Rebecca has created beautiful spaces with the expansive use of white colour. The wallpaper in the nursery is simple and charming! Please visit at for more updates

Kifa July 08, 2020

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