How Lagom Can Support Your Design Process

Every year I choose a word, one that will stay with me and keep me focused on whats important to me at that time. This year, my word is Lagom.
Lagom (pronounced [ˈlɑ̀ːɡɔm]) is a Swedish word meaning "just the right amount".
I decided on Lagom, for a few reasons. First, because more than anything, I want balance. Balance in work, balance at home, and balance within the things I think I may need or want. Another reason I love this word is that it reminds us that what we have might just be enough. Reflecting on balance and contentment will always conjure up grateful thinking.

Take Note | Lagom

You may ask, "How is this related to the meaning of Home?". It is very simple. Home should always be enough. No competition, no comparing and no judgments. A place where you get to choose what beauty means. A place that is just enough. We live in a culture of extreme, more than ever, we need our home to be our retreat from this.

When we are designing spaces we always use "Lagom" as a guiding philosophy. It's a mindset that is always with us. Which is why when I learned this word, I knew it was going to be one that stayed with me forever.

Lagom within the home is very easy to achieve. If you stay within a few boundaries and let simplicity always guide you, you will create a breathtaking & calm environment for your home.
Here are some ways to implement some "Lagom" into your life at home.

1. Always remember "Less is More". If we strive to keep our home paired down to the necessities, this will keep your home environment feeling peaceful and calm. Remember though, necessities should be beautiful too.

2. Think "airy", " lightness" &" paired down" when decorating your home. Personal objects of meaning shine through when spaces are not over cluttered. Neutral palates keep any space feeling calm.

Take Note | Lagom

3. When deciding on furniture, keep in mind, each piece should have a meaning and a purpose. Mix "old and new" to achieve this. "Old" furnishings hold stories and personality, while "new" adds freshness to your space.

Take Note | Lagom

4. Keep your color palette well edited. We love fresh painted white walls because it allows the beautiful pieces you have to turn into statements in a room, instead of afterthoughts.

5. Add Green! Plants in your home add life, reduce air pollutants, and add to a sense of well being.

Take Note | Lagom

Always remember, your home is a reflection of you, your life that you are living at this moment, and most importantly a place to feel nurtured and safe. If we keep our homes clean, clutter-free and feeling fresh, we will ensure our own well being.


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Styling | Lauren Kellim 

Photos taken by | Jamie Arriago 

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