Benefits of Simplifying Your Home & LIfe

Let 2018  be your year for simplifying and getting organized.

 Why simplifying and organizing will make your life better: 

Reduces anxiety. It is our human nature to worry about our possessions. When we have less and choose to buy things for intentional reasons we find ourselves feeling more free and content to actually live. Like having coffee with a friend, playing with our children more, or learning a skill or craft purely because we want to.

Four Basic Reasons to Reduce Clutter & Simplify

Frees up more time.  When we have less stuff to care for we have more time. Less stuff means less to clean, less laundry to do, less to maintain.

More time to do what you love.  Do you want to learn a new language, read more, learn flower arranging or travel more? When you are working to maintain all your possessions, you lose time for these quality moments. The moments and experiences that make life truly rich.

Four Basic Reasons to Reduce Clutter & Simplify

Helps us Focus. When we have a calm and clutter-free home, it allows our thoughts to be less cluttered and provides an opportunity to focus on one task at a time. Most importantly, it allows space for us to reflect on our lives and what path we want to be on.

Four Basic Reasons to Reduce Clutter & Simplify


 photos | Jamie Arrigo for Girl & the Abode 

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