5 Ways to Create Your Dream Home


Most of us are not actually living in our “Dream Home”. However, we have ways to celebrate and showcase the aspects of home in ways that can give you the love & appreciation of what your home offers. With small, simple changes you can give your home the life of that “Dream Home” we all strive for, and enjoy the moments within the space you are currently dwelling. To feel contentment within our walls is very liberating.

Give these 5 tips a try. Remember, there is beauty in every space.

SEEK THE BEST PIECES YOU CAN FIND.  ( within moderation) wether its good quality table linen,  ceramic dinnerware or Turkish bath towels. It is better to have one or two of something that is high quality and will give you years of happiness, than multiple sets of cheap dishes or linens.  In the end, you will enjoy the moments with these items and they will save you money in the end. The extra bonus: if you buy from fair trade companies or socially conscious shops you are supporting artists. Win Win!

5 Ways to create your dream home

RECOGNIZE THE STRENGTHS OF YOUR HOME.  Take a few moments to look around your home, what makes it unique or valuable to you? Does it have great lighting or views of some kind? Do you love the layout? Celebrate the strengths of your home by showcasing them. If you have great lighting then keep those curtains open or high ceilings? Add some large scale art! Get creative with your unique space!

5 Ways to Create your Dream Home

USE YOUR HOME. Always try to have fresh flowers around. When you are home, have music playing and the windows open, allowing fresh air in. Declutter often and save moments for daily cleaning. Have lovely candles to scent the air. Have people over, cook in your kitchen. All these things hydrate your home and give it life.

5 Ways to Create your Dream Home

ADD WARMTH TO YOUR HOME.  This can be achieved by adding texture to a room. A chunky knit blanket or fur throw. Having a cozy woolen rug in your living room with linen weave pillows adds a tremendous amount of warmth to a space. Never forget to have candles light either, the soft scent and warm glow will always create that relaxing moment of contentment.

5 Ways to Create your Dream Home

GIVE YOUR HOME MOVEMENT.  Keep your home feeling fresh by changing pillows & blankets  with the season, or moving a few pieces of furniture around. Rearrange a vase collection to give a mantel a fresh new look. Swap out art work from other rooms to give your space a new look.  Small changes can keep your home feeling fresh and livable.

5 Ways to Create your Dream Home

We hope you always find beauty in your home and that these tips help you create a sanctuary that will make you smile and uplift your soul.


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