The Value of Home | Shamaa von Spindler of Moss

 We would like to introduce you to Shamaa von Spindler of Moss. For Shamaa, her home enviroment plays a crucial role in how she moves through her life. She knows the direct impact a well cared for home can play in how life feels. It gives her peace and tranquility, and within that space, allows her the freedom to be authentic.  

The Value of Home Shamaa von Spindler of Moss

What do you do for a living? And where do you live? 

I founded a small business called M O S S - it's a platform for intentional living and personal alignment. I support people in simplifying their lives and reconnecting to themselves in order to live more freely and authentically. 

I live in a small bungalow in the Hollywood Hills with my sweet cat Luna and the many assorted critters that wander through.

The Value of Home Shamaa von Spindler of Moss

What does your morning routine look like? 

I like to start my day slowly, which typically means I wake up around 7 am and then snooze until 8 am. I'm pretty good about staying off my electronics until work, so instead, I wake up to the sunshine, listen to the birds and squirrels and ease into the morning. Once I'm up, I "ll heat a mug of warm water with lemon and do a little stretching while I wait. Then I head outside for a few minutes with Luna for some sunlight and nature, after which, I am ready for my day.

The Value of Home Shamaa von Spindler of Moss

Can you share three values that guide your life? Why these three? 

Balance, silence, and authenticity. 

I would say balance is the most important one for me. Life is this changing, moving, breathing thing, but when I keep myself balanced, I am better equipped to handle the unexpected. It's not about continually maintaining equilibrium, but rather knowing when I need more and when I need less so that I don't end up depleted.

Silence is often undervalued; not only is there so much external noise in our world, but we are relentlessly encouraged to be on the go and be doing more. I've seen in my own life that silence is vital. It's only when I am in silence that I rebalance, my mind gets quiet, I can tune in and listen to myself. It's also when I get my best ideas - silence fosters my creativity; without it, I would be a mess!

Authenticity - I love this one because it pretty much allows me to be exactly who I am. If I'm feeling vulnerable, that's okay because it's authentic - if I'm upset, that's okay because it's authentic. There is so much freedom in just being our beautiful, flawed selves.

The Value of Home Shamaa von Spindler of Moss

The Value of Home Shamaa von Spindler of Moss

How do you make sure to keep your life in alignment with these values? 

I feel that because our core values are who we already are, they come pretty naturally. I will say that for me, they also serve as excellent guideposts.  When life has turned me upside down, these three things: balance, silence, and authenticity, will always turn me right side up again.

What ritual during the day holds the most value for you and helps you achieve what you wish to? 

It is definitely connecting to nature. I get outside for fresh air as many times during the day as I possibly can. At the very least, it will be once in the morning and once in the evening - even if it's just for a few minutes. This ritual is the cord that keeps me connected to myself and to the larger world around me.

How do you feel that your values affect the energy of your home? 

I think who we are always affects the energy of our homes. These values support a space that feels extremely tranquil and restorative to me. 


The Value of Home Shamaa von Spindler of Moss

Why is home important to you? 

My home means everything to me; it's quite literally my foundation. If I am unsettled in my home, then I am unsettled in myself. It is also important because it's the space where I gather with those I love and therefore, the container for everything that truly matters to me.

The Value of Home Shamaa von Spindler of Moss

Do you have a favorite book that inspires you?  Why? 

Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. It was given to me by a dear friend during a transitional period of my life. It tapped into those mysterious spaces of womanhood that only women can recognize. It was deeply healing and validating - it made me feel seen.

The Value of Home Shamaa von Spindler of Moss

What items in your home hold the most value to you? How do they add joy to your life? 

I have to admit; it's really the smallest things, a ceramic salt cellar that I'm so in love with; a tiny buddha statue that I picked up on a trip with friends; random little rocks and acorns from various walks; an amazing candle that is the best thing I've ever smelled; comfortable worn in linens; things given to me by loved ones; and this amazing old teak chair I've had for over a decade - these are the items that put a smile on my face.

The Value of Home Shamaa von Spindler of Moss

Explain in one word, how your home makes you feel. 


The Value of Home Shamaa von Spindler of Moss

The Value of Home Shamaa von Spindler of Moss

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