Manifesto for 2019

We really love beginnings, they hold so much hope and feelings of freshness.  Places that exist in our mind that hold the power to make over mistakes or try something new that may change our ways in a positive light.  The beginning of a new year also helps us to reflect back on what worked and what did not. We learn we grow, and we continue to evolve into the best version of ourselves.

 As we begin this new year with a fresh new name here at Humble & Grand and a simple and elegant new look, we can't help but feel the excitement of what is in store for our beloved little company.   We will strive for even more simplicity and focus on living in the moment. Setting precious time aside for more reading, cooking and being with family. We will continue our work of helping people see the value of good design and living with simplicity at the forefront. We will continue on our journey to help streamline our client's home's so that the heaviness and chaos of life outside do not creep through the doors.  Living simply is about mindset, you must want it and see the value in what a well-designed space can offer. We will strive to help people learn techniques that will keep them in alignment with this important life shift.

Life is full of negative and positive. Life is a four letter word. More than ever we need to focus on joy and simple things.  Simple things like sitting around the table with family, having quiet moments with yourself, reading a book ( an actual paper book, not on a device ) We absorb more of what we read from holding a paper book and turning the actual pages, ok, I digress, but, you get the point. We will need to continue to juggle, that's also the reality of life in the 21st century.  But, if the home is simple, uncluttered and schedules are not cram packed, juggling will be easier. If you truly want a more peaceful space to live, it will take work. It takes work for any changes, and usually, the best changes are the hardest. Making shifts within the home can reap the biggest rewards. To aid in this simplicity movement, we plan on writing much more on the topic so we may not only help the clients we have locally but be able to touch people's lives on a more global level.  

Style does play an important role in our home’s feelings and energy, so this will always be at the forefront of what guides our process.  We opened our shop for this very reason. When we are thoughtful and selective about what pieces we allow into our home, we feel good. When we feel proud of our home and the choices we make, that helps us make shifts throughout the rest of our lives.  When we know that our purchases make a positive contribution to a cause or support the livelihood of hard-working small business owners, artists, or entrepreneurs we feel that positivity come back at us.

Make sure to think and reflect, and envision how you want your home to function. Always think with, less is more mindset.  Always question whether a purchase is going to be a functional and wise choice.  Have a set of core values and reflect on those when you are deciding if you really need that giant flat screen tv or if you really need the latest and greatest kitchen gadget.  Always think about what affects your lifestyle is having on our earth, what materials come into your home? Are they eco-friendly? Do they create waste that will take decades to decompose or will they ever decompose? These may sound like a lot of very deep questions just for the sake of a tidy home, but these are the questions that will keep you living a more clutter free, debt free, and ultimate stress-free lifestyle.  

We help guide people to this lifestyle with one on one consulting and design work, but moving into 2019 we will touch a larger audience by writing on this topic weekly, offering downloadable task lists to help you inch closer to a more peaceful version of your life. We will host workshops that discuss the many benefits and ways to achieve simplicity, and strive more than ever to grow this community of people that see the value in having a well-kept home.  It is a powerful tool, our home, one not to be overlooked or dumped on. It is something to be treasured.

We are so excited for the year to come, for all the hard work ahead and for the growth that will happen by simplifying.

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